Peer Intervention for Law enforcement is iadlest certified #1635-1609 and Minnesota Post approved course 10350-0002 for 8 hrs ce

Mike Quinn is an IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor.

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What people are saying about Walking With  the Devil -

"As a former Police Officer and then a Department of Justice prosecutor in charge of a special squad of police officers, sheriff's deputies, and FBI agents that investigated and prosecuted police corruption, I can say that Walking with the Devil is the definitive book for anyone trying to understand the police subculture. The book makes clear how officers are intimidated and pressured not to reveal the misconduct committed by the few bad officers that dishonor the badge and their peers. This book should be mandatory reading for any police recruit. It should also be the basis for a national program to implement programs to encourage the officers to intervene, stop, and deter misconduct.  Mike articulates how honest and ethical law enforcement officers would thrive and succeed in their jobs if these changes and programs were developed. There are many Michael Quinns wearing badges that want to break this cycle. I am proud to say I have worked with many such officers. Hopefully, this book starts the process to enlarge this number."  
Stephen C. Parker
 Retired Chief of the Civil Rights and Police Misconduct Unit, U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of Tennessee

Interviews with Mike Quinn

MIKE QUINN -- Retired Police Officer and Author of Walking with the Devil (Inside the Code of Silence) gives the recent example of disolved Gang Strike Task Force, and believes the majority were good cops, but admits it's an example of the code of silence, in many police departments, because the Hennepin County Attorney said "nobody would talk to him".




Peer Intervention Instructor Course

This is a 2-3 day course, depending on background of students and venue, that incorporates the IADELST approved Peer Intervention for Law Enforcement Course #1635-1609 with the MN Post Board Approved Course: Instructor Development: Adult Learning Principles for Law Enforcement Instructors. #10419-0001. This course requires independent study, lesson plan design, and demonstrated teaching skills. It is NOT a "just show up" and get credit course. 

 32 hrs CEUs.